Beware of dishonest dealers!

Beware of dishonest dealers!

The National Theatre bears no responsibility for tickets not purchased at its official booking offices or from its authorised partners (e.g. tickets bought through the and servers, or other similar distributors and untrustworthy dealers).

Tickets offered by other than the authorised dealers are sometimes highly overpriced, and they may also be fakes or invalid copies, and thus do not allow entry to the auditorium. When it comes to e-tickets in particular, we recommend that, in your own interest, you buy them solely through the National Theatre website or the websites of the authorised dealers. The National Theatre proceeds against unauthorised dealers if they breach our reservation or other sales conditions.

Yet the best way to protect yourself is not to purchase tickets from unauthorised dealers.

The National Theatre reserves the right not to allow, permanently or temporarily, the reservation of tickets for selected productions or performances, and to offer such tickets only in the direct sale mode. The National Theatre also reserves the right to cancel reservations, should it consider them speculative, purposeless or repeated, thus preventing other potential spectators from purchasing or reserving tickets. In the event of passing on or donating a ticket to someone else, the purchaser of the e-ticket is obliged to alert the recipient that should a performance be cancelled, the National Theatre shall solely return the money directly to the person who has bought the ticket. 

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