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The Bartered Bride

Bedřich Smetana


Musical preparation: Ondrej Lenárd
Stage director: Magdalena Švecová
Sets: Petr Matásek
Costumes: Zuzana Přidalová
Chorus master: Pavel Vaněk
Choreography: Ladislava Košíková
Dramaturgy: Ondřej Hučín

National Theatre Orchestra
National Theatre Chorus
Continuo Theatre members under the leading of the Artistic Director Pavel Štourač, dancers, members of the Kühn's Childrens Choir

Bedřich Smetana’s The Bartered Bride, the founding work of modern Czech opera, soon exceeded the domestic framework and became a permanent part of the world’s operatic repertoire. The 20th National Theatre production of the evergreen of Czech theatre and music is, for the first time in our history, directed by a woman. Magdalena Švecová has chosen neither the path of provocative or scandalous interpretation, nor that of conventional imitation of obsolete models. The Bartered Bride’s grotesque yet highly moving story is grasped with tenderness, intelligent wit and hyperbole, as well as an understanding for the long-gone order (disorder) of human lives in the Czech village. The production’s forcibility is enhanced by Zuzana Přidalová’s costumes, inspired by plant and animal motifs, and Ladislava Košíková’s stylish choreography charged with energy and replete with naturalness.

The opera is staged in the Czech original version. Czech and English subtitles are used in the performance.

Approximate running time, including intermissions:
3 hours, two 20-minute intermissions.

Premiere: September 25, 2008

Photo: Hana Smejkalová


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