Drama The Estates Theatre

Beware of Pity

Stefan Zweig


Translation: Božena Koseková
Dramatization and stage director: Daniel Špinar
Dramaturgy: Jan Tošovský
Sets: Andrej Ďurík
Costumes: Linda Boráros
Music: Jiří Hájek
Light design: Přemysl Janda
Projections: Jan Adamus

“Everything started with inaptness, an entirely fortuitous blunder ...” On the eve of the first world war, Anton Hofmiller, an Austro-Hungarian cavalry officer stationed in a sleepy town at the edge of the Empire, is invited to a glamorous party at the home of a rich local landowner. The exhilarated young man asks his host's lovely daughter for a dance, only to discover that sickness has left her painfully crippled. The embarrassed Hofmiller flees, yet on the very next day he attempts to remedy the dreadful faux pas. Subsequently, he becomes entangled in the trap of his own “compassionate gestures”, ultimately raising the girl’s affection. The masterpiece of the Austrian novelist and essayist Stefan Zweig (1881–1942), based on a piercing description of the psychology of human behaviour, will be adapted for the stage by Daniel Špinar.

Approximate running time:
1 hour, 50 minutes, no intermission.


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