Cancelled and substitute performance

Dear visitors,

We are forced to change or cancel performance only in urgent cases mostly caused by health problems in our ensembles. We believe that any change to the programme will be understood and we thank you for your grace.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us ( Information line:  +420 224 901 448, e-mail: [email protected], MO- SU 10am- 6pm). 

Current changes

Purchased tickets remain valid for the substitute performance. Possibly, you may return your tickets up to 7 days from the originally scheduled date of the performance at the place of purchase.
If you purchased your tickets online or through credit transfer, we will automatically refund the amount back into your account within 14 days. 

  Former performance Substitute performance
  9. 11. 2019 Cube at 20.00 9. 11. 2019 Cocktail - The best of at 20.00
  16. 11. 2019 Cocktail - The best of at 20.00 16. 11. 2019 Cube at 20.00
  19. 2. 2019 The Visit at 20.00 9. 9. 2019 The Visit at 20.00

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